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8 Best Longboard Decks | Choosing The Best Longboard Deck in 2019

When choosing the best longboard deck, you would like to determine the style of riding you may be performing arts. Longboard decks are on the market in varied styles, sizes and style every offering its own purpose in performance. From adults to teens, everyone is moving into this exciting sport and creating it some extent to try and do whenever they get free time.

For carving and cruising

The slim or tapered tips together with a surf like style help navigate the toughest corners and cruising capabilities. These boards are available an average length of 40 to 45 inches with a narrowing from high to tail. Look out for versatile construction to absorb shock whereas riding over imperfections or bumps within the road.

Cruise the city

For town commutation, you’re searching for boards anyplace between twenty-eight to forty inches long. Shorter longboard skateboards are counselled for commutation functions because it is additional responsive and easier to navigate. To hide longer distances, it’s best to take a position in boards of38 to 40 inches with a drop deck and lower ride height.


How to Choose the Best Longboard Deck

Longboard deck is largely an extended, flat board accustomed stand on whereas skating. Longboards square measure nice for enjoying numerous varieties of skating together with race, cruising, downhill, slalom and carving. Aside from fun, longboards may be used for fast short distance movement.

When it involves selecting the best longboard deck, bound characteristics like form, length, width, material and engineered should be thought about. Also, take into account the fashion of longboarding you’re aiming to adopt. I’ve mentioned some vital factors to assist you to work out what you wish. At the same time, You need to choose Best Longboard Wheels, Bearings, Trucks and Most selling Longboard Brand.


We recommend 8 Best Longboard Decks :


01. Bamboo Pintail Longboard Deck

02. Moose Old School Skateboard Deck

03. Loaded Boards Vanguard Bamboo Longboard Deck

04. Bamboo Skateboards Pintail Longboard Tiki Man

05. TGM Skateboards Moose Longboard Deck

06. Loaded Boards Tesseract Bamboo Longboard Deck

07. Arbor Mission 35″ Longboard Deck

08. Yocaher New VW Vibe Beach Series Longboard Deck


Bamboo Pintail Longboard Deck ( Best Longboard decks )

Best Longboard decks

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Pintail longboard deck is 44 inches long and 10 inches wide with high-quality style. Bamboo pintail Longboard Deck created out of 9 ply Bamboo with 1 ply of black stained maple. It’ll arrive shrink wrapped for defence. This pintail longboard deck made in the USA and ideal as an affordable priced quality beginner’s longboard. You may have a great deal of fun with this board.
Bamboo Pintail Complete Longboard has 180mm reverse trucks, 70mm or 76mm wheels, 1/2″ risers, 1.75″ hardware and Abec7 bearings.


Moose Old School Skateboard Deck (10″ x 30″, Natural Best Longboard deck)

Best Longboard decks

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This board leaves it all up to you whether or not you would like to use it for cruising, race or downhill. All you bought to try to is to combine it with right trucks and wheels and you’re sensitive to travel. Considering its dimension, it’s ideal for riders with massive feet and provides stability. Moreover, it comes with a foothold tape that simply makes it even higher for a stable ride. From form to weight to curves, everything is sweet enough to allow you to fancy some fun moves whereas longboarding. Whether or not you would like to try to some tricks or fancy street cruising, this board goes to serve you well by all suggests that.


Loaded Boards Vanguard Bamboo Longboard Deck

Longboard decks for cruising

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The Loaded Vanguard Longboard Skateboard is super sturdy, light-weight, and sexy, these spirited composite boards provide the best ride lawfully offered. Advanced technologies, innovative style, and a commitment to victimization solely the best ingredients has resulted within the evolution of skating. Pre-LOADED with depressed and protrusive cambers, and LOADED with the simplest parts offered, the Vanguard series represents groundbreaking innovations in skateboard style.
Loaded Boards Vanguard Bamboo Longboard deck has 38.0″ Length and 9.25″ Width with 31.5, 35″ Wheelbase.


Bamboo Skateboards Pintail Longboard Tiki Man 44″ x 9.5″ Deck

Longboard decks for cruising

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The bamboo used in our decks return from managed bamboo forests and is of the highest quality; trust only the Bamboo Skateboards name. This longboard deck is an exclusive style. High-Quality Bamboo construction that offers you awesome riding expertise. This Longboard earned 2012 skateboard of the year by major online skateboard magazine. Multiple independent longboard studies prove bamboo skateboards strength and bending flexibility beats out prime competitors. It will provide you with Best performing arts property skateboard on the market.


TGM Skateboards Moose Longboard 9.5″ x 41″ Top-Ply Bamboo Deck with Grit

best longboard decks


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This is a novel Maple/Bamboo Longboard that measures nine.5″ x 40.75″ with a distance activity twenty eight.25″. The board’s high layer is created of a stunning bamboo inlay followed by half dozen ply’s of onerous rock Canadian maple. This is often a robust board created for carving, cruising, sliding, and chilling.


Loaded Boards Tesseract Bamboo Longboard Deck

best longboard decks

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The Loaded basalt Tesseract is a versatile, superior longboard for freeride and race riding. Updated in could 2018 with a superior, eco-conscious basalt material construction for a lighter, damper, and a lot of freestyle-friendly board. 4 colour choices to match your road rash. Symmetrical shape and kicktails encourage switch riding and a large number of tricks and slides. Multiple wheelbase choices permit you to fine-tune your setup supported riding style and truck pure mathematics. Rocker cradles your feet for locked-in slides. Tall, wide W concave mellows out close to the trucks for comfort while providing robust lateral support for carving and sliding.

Wheel well flares increase wheel clearance and make engineering science reference points for your feet. twin bamboo cores area unit sandwiched between layers of volcanic rock material to make a powerful and light-weight structure with the right balance of flex and pop for a lot of dynamic and forgiving ride. A bottom layer of cork provides vibration damping and helps prevent abrasive injury from spreading.


Arbor Mission 35″ Longboard Deck (All Graphics)

longboard deck

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This board is constructed with fifty Degree Paris v2 Trucks, Dragon Bearings, Dragon stainless-steel Hardware, Fireball 84a Scorch Wheels. This board is built of seven plies of maple. The maple can offer you an identical flex pattern, as well as, keeps the board sturdy. All of the woods accustomed construct this board were harvested from a property supply or recycled from different merchandise. The Arbor Mission could be a nice cruiser longboard meant for riders of all ability levels. This board is swish, comfy and straightforward to ride for beginners, however, it’s a kicktail to permit riders to try and do no matter tricks they are feeling at the instant. This board has moderate flex and comes with soft, giant wheels to create rolling over bumps a breeze.


Yocaher New VW Vibe Beach Series Longboard Complete Cruiser and Decks Available for All Shapes (Deck-SlimKick-Blue)

best longboard decks

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This longboard deck is Flat Deck Kicktail, 36″ x 8″, 10-Ply Maple. This Longboard deck is with grip tape on high. The VW bus featured on these new decks was a favourite of these original longboarders. It had the area up high for many surfboards, and the area within to create bally at the beach snug expertise for the entire crew. Those vans merely oozed aquatics cool, and that they stay as standard as ever among wave riders. Generations of surfers have placed these VWs on beaches around the world, waiting with patience for the surf to rise, and that they still do identical to the present day.


Longboard Grip Tape

The longboard grip tape is additionally another important element in your custom board. It really refers to a sandpaper-like and granulose sheet that options a sticky side that you just got to stick with the deck’s surface. The most goal of this grip tape is to supply traction and grip once you square measure riding the board.

Regardless of your athletics vogue, this element is crucial in making certain that you just have a better time staying on high of the board. Customizing the grip tape styles offers you the chance of adding your required graphics on the top a part of your board rather than simply very cheap. With that, you’ll showcase your temperament except for making certain that you just have the foremost purposeful grip tape.




Finding the best longboard decks shouldn’t be too confusing nor difficult. With the correct guide, you’ll be able to make your selection whether or not what you wish area unit the standard ones. Longboarding is actually a fun activity that additionally brings flexibility into your body and keeps you healthy. It’s crucial to envision the sturdiness and therefore the ability of the longboard decks to handle numerous weight, too. To fancy this sport at fullest, you initially ought to get your hands on a right longboard deck that has to be confirmative of your style and standing.

You’ve got to make sure that you just area unit selecting the correct size longboard deck to extend your probabilities of staying comfortable while you’re victimization it. This means that it ought to suit your budget while not losing its quality. Lastly, it ought to absolutely match your riding style, therefore, you may really get pleasure from using it. And make sure that your chosen longboard decks feature a nice combination of quality and worth.

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