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Loaded Longboards – Buyers Guide, Features and Review

Loaded Longboards are versatile, colourful and have been designed for acceleration and stability along the steepest surfaces and city streets. The modern longboard skateboard has all the right curves in all the right places. It creates a smooth ride along all types of surfaces and provides longboard skateboarders with the features needed to move and freestyle with ease. The company takes pride in the finer attention to details ensuring that every longboard tells a story.

Top 5 Loaded Longboards features, Buyers Guide and Product Review

1. Icarus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

2. Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

3. Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard Complete

4. Vanguard Bamboo Longboard  Complete

5. Bhangra Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete


Loaded Longboards is a top manufacturer of longboard skateboards. Incorporating environmental responsible design and Loaded Longboards invests in subtle enhancements and the industry’s best features to bring a range of longboards that defies expectations. The Vanguard was the company’s initial release. The goal for the brand was to develop longboards that were not only designed to deliver on its performance promises but to last and maintain its beautiful aesthetics at the same time.

Every board is created with contemporary refinement in support of our customer requirements. Inspired by skateboarding and snowboarding, the crew has created a highly competitive approach to its longboard skateboard products. Their focus is on the functionally driven design that simply makes sense and provides the rider with the features and operations desired.

Loaded Longboards has become a name that you can trust in the field, continuing to revolutionize the longboarding industry.


01. Icarus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

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Loaded Longboards do not disappoint with the Icarus Bamboo range. Considered a masterpiece in the art of longboard design, the Icarus looks incredible and is further complemented by quality design, contemporary features and a smooth ride.

Loaded Longboards is widely recognized for their attention to detail and focus on functionality. The flex is responsive allowing for smooth carving. With upgraded bearings and wheels, the Icarus can transform into a board of incredible acceleration and offer smoother, stable rides on hard asphalt surfaces.

The Icarus has been regarded as the best in longboard design for regular cruising and less aggressive performance capabilities. It is considered among the best cruising longboard that is offered by Loaded.



The Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard:

Responsive carving

The Loaded Icarus can perform freestyle rides, carves and city commuting owing to the versatile design, responsiveness and lightweight manufacture.

Powerful and Lightweight

Loaded Longboards has created an impressive combination of a strong board with lightweight consistency. The manufacturer incorporates laminated bamboo and fibreglass for super strength without the added weight for freestyling and cruising.



Paris trucks are incorporated in 180mm and 50-degree black trucks. And It is great for enhanced riding capabilities but not for fast speeds moving downhill.



Orangatang wheels of 80mm with 80a Kegels support stability for a smoother streamlined ride. These can be changed to the Orangatang 75mm with the 83a Durians and Jehu V2 bearings will increase the grip of the board.



02. Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

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The Tan Tien Bamboo longboard skateboard combines its versatile and incredible design with features that support higher level trick rides. The deck consists of a drop-through truck mount while its unique contouring adds to the superior performance capabilities of these contemporary longboard skateboards. A high flex offers responsiveness and better support for light riders.

The beautiful boards have unique styles of contouring and have been recognized as closest to snowboarding designs. Loaded is recognized for its snowboarding influences in the creation of its longboard skateboards. Tan Tien is most effective in providing the rider with a lightweight board that functional and versatile. It is a great addition and most responsive for riders interested in beautiful board design.



Tan Tien Longboards are ideal for commuting around the city while performing various carves, pumps and freestyle tricks. You will notice elements of snowboard design in the Tan Tien range.

Improved Flexibility

A combination of bamboo and fibreglass make for a lightweight yet highly durable design, but we recommend a lower flex of you tend to ride more aggressively. The Tan Tien models come in 3 different flex levels to best respond to your riding capabilities. If you are interested in improving the responsiveness of your longboard, then a higher flex is needed.



Classic Paris trucks 180mm along with 50-degree black trucks make it easier to perform various tricks, carves and more while improving the level of responsiveness for the board.



Orangatang Tan Tien wheels in 80a or more solid 86a trucks are available with V2 bearings for a solid ride. These boards are ideal to perform all types of slides and glides and can be upgraded for the more aggressive rider. The Tan Tien longboard skateboard is the ideal choice for a smooth ride with high-level performance and unique design for stylish appeal while on the road.


03. Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

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The Dervish Sama Bamboo longboard skateboard was designed as a pumping board. It incorporates a lower level design that is ideal for first-time riders and skating enthusiasts. Owing to its user-friendly features, it is simple for any rider to use. The lower deck makes pushing more efficient and minimizes strain during the performance. It is also a great feature for those interested in greater levels of stability in a contemporary board.



The Dervish Sama Bamboo longboard skateboard has been recognized for its superior functionality and incredibly carved contours that make for a functional and a contemporary style of longboard skateboard. These boards are beautifully marked with colourful designs and involve a laminate and fibreglass consistency. This adds to the durability and longevity of these boards.


These longboards come in a high flex design for high-level pumping and hard carves while the lower level flex is suitable for tough riders interested in higher level performance.



Paris trucks of 180mm are incorporated with 50-degree matte black trucks creating the highest standard of stability and a classic ride.



As a part of Classic Loaded range, the Orangatang wheels are included in the product line with 75mm and 83a Durians for just the right amount of balance while the Loaded Jehu V2 bearings are suitable for fast and precision performance capabilities.


Click this video and know much better about Dervish Sama best Loaded Longboard….


04. Vanguard Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

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The Loaded Vanguard line of longboard skateboards does not disappoint with its snowboard inspired design and functional features. It has a lightweight style making it the ideal choice for those interested in highly responsive boards that will outperform its competition.



The Vanguard Loaded longboards designed with a beautiful tapering at the edges including a snowboard inspired craft. It incorporates sidecuts to facilitate efficient turning radius and maintain stability. As with most of the Loaded longboard designs, the longboards consist of bamboo and fibreglass making it lightweight yet durable.


Paris Trucks

The trucks consist of 180mm V2 trucks supporting powerful performance capabilities and the ability to move in a smooth and efficient manner.



The Orangatang wheels are part of the balanced range incorporating 75mm 83a Durians offering a high standard of balance and superior grip. Loaded has included the Jehu V2 bearings for improved performance capabilities.

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05. Bhangra Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

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The Loaded Bhangra range is an idea for the freestyler and rider who wishes to perform high-level performance activities. From dances to carves and pumps, it is the ideal choice of longboard skateboard for those interested in a performance board.



Broad edges, high-level grip tape and hard carves for exceptional performance results.

Enhanced Flex

The uniquely design Bhangra board consists of bamboo and cork for flexibility, high-level function and a sturdy yet lightweight design.


Paris Trucks

Loaded has remained consistent with its Paris trucks in 180mm for controlled carving and freestyle performances.



The Orangatang wheels are characteristic of the Loaded longboard range. It offers a 70mm Stimulus for grip or an 80a orange range for softer riding.


About Loaded Longboards

Loaded boards aim to revolutionize the longboard skateboard experience. Its focus is on economical design and efficiency ensuring that every buyer receives a quality product that can be relied upon. Loaded Longboards has established itself in the skateboard market for some time and needs no introduction. It is at the higher end of the price scale but then again, great quality doesn’t come cheap.

The Loaded approach means blending an environmentally responsible manufacturer with a contemporary design that works. A closer look at the products that Loaded Longboards can offer and helps you decide whether the longstanding brand should become a part of your loaded longboarding collection.

The eco-conscious company offers the best Loaded longboards in different models. Each possesses the characteristic tapering at the ends of the boards and the aesthetics that encourage a sense of personal style while whipping around town.

Quality Trucks

Loaded Longboards incorporates decent quality trucks. The average Paris V2 trucks come in at 180mm for a lower speed ride and the ability to perform tricks like a pro. For faster speeds and incredible free rides, a truck upgrade is in order. The benefit of choosing a Loaded Longboard product is that you get to choose the style of trucks you wish to give your longboard skateboard for the best on-road performance. The average trucks each board comes with may not be adequate for performing at fast speeds or downhill acceleration. Consider investing in high-quality trucks if you wish to freestyle downhill.


It offers Orangatan wheels in most of its longboard designs. It may not be a superior choice for those fast declines, but it certainly offers a fair amount of stability for cruising. You would have to upgrade your wheel system if you wish to fly downhill or create a more responsive longboard when moving at higher speeds. Loaded does not cut back on the costs of its boards when integrating wheels.

You can find your average 38-inch longboard skateboard with responsive design and features; however, for specific high-level performances, it is best to invest in some super longboard wheels. The following Loaded Longboards review takes a look at some of the best Loaded longboards available on the market.



Loaded longboards have remained a popular longboard skateboard manufacturer. Recognized as producing the best Loaded Longboards, the manufacturer has remained true to its design ethics and quality construction.

Its features including the Loaded Longboard deck is low for improved performance capabilities, especially when performing carves and dances. Loaded longboarding has become increasingly popular owing to the reliability and enhanced features it offers even the best of riders.

These contemporary longboard designs have been recognized as functional, durable and versatile for beginner riders with the Tan Tien, Icarus and similar boards suitable for novice and experienced riders.


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